The Nautilus Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are probable the nice “dial dumbbells” these days. The primary set comes with a base unit to keep the weight plates and the “center” of the adjustable dumbbell, but there is a separate dumbbell rack to be had. These quick alternate dumbbells from Bowflex come with a 2 year guarantee on elements, 5 years weight plates and 1 12 months warranty for labor.


Just shy of 16 inches in length, these dumbbells are quite long. Unlike the PowerBlocks or Ironmaster, the period of the dumbbells remains the same no matter the load you select. This can adjustable dumbbell set 100 lbs be awkward and may make the effort to get used to because the dumbbell could be very long, even at 5 lbs.

The weight on the Bowflex dumbbells can regulate from 5lbs to fifty two.5lbs. Because of the maximum weight of only fifty two.Five lbs, you is probably higher off with the PowerBlock Elite Set or the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell set in case you plan on constructing large muscle tissues and getting terrific strong (the maximum weight on those dumbbells is ready 120-130lbs).

How it Works

Basically, you switch a dial at the SelectTech Dumbbells to the load which you want till you pay attention a clicking sound, and you are set. Once the weight plates are locked in, actually raise the dumbbells from the base and you are accurate to go. You’ll want to dial the knob on both ends of the dumbbell to alter the weight, but.

For instance, in case you desired to us 30 lbs for each dumbbell, what you do is adjust the knobs on each dumbbell so that “30 lbs” is selected. In total, you’ll want to adjust the knobs four instances. The weight trade system is quite speedy (only a few seconds), so it’s now not that tedious.

There are 15 weight settings for this dumbbell, ranging from 5-52.5lbs.

The “Off Set Weight Selection”

Now right here’s wherein you may need to do a little math.

But earlier than we get into that, lifestyle dumbbells are symmetrical. Meaning, the load is balanced with same weight on each sides of the dumbbell.

With the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell, you could set one facet of the dumbbell heavier than the other.

Now back to the Bowflex dumbbells, shall we say you wanted to use 25lbs with one aspect heavier than the other. Simply alter the knob to 30 lbs on one facet of the dumbbell, and on the alternative side to twenty lbs.

The overall weight is 25 lbs, BUT, one half of of the dumbbell is 15 lbs, and the other half of is 10 lbs.

But notice that once you’re completed your set, you will should go back the adjustable dumbbell again to the base inside the identical role that you eliminated it (the weight plates have to settle again into slots of the base).

The offset weight choice might be right or horrific for you, depending on the way you view it. Personally, I opt for symmetrical weight on each ends of the dumbbell, but there are blessings to unsymmetrical dumbbells. If you’re doing sporting events like a dumbbell curl with a dumbbell one side heavier than the alternative, you will paintings your bicep in a one-of-a-kind manner than symmetrical dumbbells.

You’ll get range with the adjustable Bowflex dumbbells that culture dumbbells cannot offer.

What Makes Adjustable Dumbbells Beneficial To A Fitness Enthusiast